What's Keeping You From New Success?

by Jade Parker

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In life, we often question our own motives and what our next moves should be. When truly deep down, we know what we need, want, and have to do to achieve our goals. These desires are gently planted within us with the expectation that they grow. Oftentimes we choose to move away from and even hide from the chance to create a new version of success because of our own reservations. Feeling unqualified, unsure of our capabilities, and because it isn’t always what we’ve initially had in mind. Looking even more closely, we reject these desires due to unfamiliarity—the fear of the unknown and the discomfort it brings. Despite this fear, there still lies a spirit longing for change within us. It nudges us to take steps that turn over a new leaf that we’ve NEVER experienced before. This thrill of will helps us yield the delicious fruits of labor we would have never previously tasted and enjoyed had we chosen to follow paths of nothingness we know we need to leave behind. After all, boring paths do leave a bad taste in our mouths–like the flavor of monotony–right?

The fact of the matter is regardless of who you are, what you’ve done, and who people believe you to forever be mean NOTHING in the eyes of the beholder, and to those that hold keys to your future life. As long as you have breath in your body there is always a perfect moment to decide to yield positive change if you’re ready to do the real work. Living in alignment with purpose and up to your life’s calling may not add up to people around you or your calculations of logic and reasoning. But you can believe it all by yourself. After all, your livelihood and those attached to your success are depending on you to rise above and achieve greatness.

Here’s a 4 Step Life Hack Exercise to move out of a rut and towards success:

  1. Take 15 minutes to write down your current goals, whatever they may be.
  2. Think about whether your current lifestyle will yield the results necessary to meet those goals. If so, continue prayerfully and diligently. If not, it may be good to get with someone who has the experience and wise counsel on where you’re destined to go.
  3. Think of additional resources that can help you reach your goal and humbly reach out, with the expectation you will get what you need to move forward.
  4. Then no matter what your family, friends, emotions, and current situation tell you…find the focus and determination to accomplish aggressively.

Go ahead, and get started today. Your future awaits you and can’t wait to meet you.